500E Global




Blasting Width: 19.5 in.
Blasting Capacity:
  SSPC-SP6 875-1300 sq.ft./hr., SSPC-SP10 475-900 sq.ft./hr.
Travel Speed: 3.5 – 49 ft/min
Traction Drive: 
Twin AC Inverted Drive Motors
Blast Motor: 
35 HP
Power: 400 - 440 - 480 V, 50-60Hz, 63A
Power Cord: 
50 ft. (15.24 m)
Dimensions: L 61.5” x W 29.5” x H 65”
1433 lb
Scope of Supply:
 Steel Blaster 500E, Blastrac Dust
Collector BDC-99, suction hose, & user's manual

500E Global Horizontal Shot Blasting

The Blastrac 500E steel blaster is an ideal machine for medium and large applications. Particularly suited for large storage tank cleaning, its modular assembly allows it to easily fit inside of storage tanks for cleaning and blasting the bottom interior surfaces. Its greater blasting width is also ideal for ship decks and interior levels of large vessels.

The Blastrac  new and improved 500E Global is a horizontal shot blaster that has an easily assembled modular construction to allow it to pass through narrow openings and hard to reach places for steel blasting and cleaning. With an increased blast width, the 500E boasts a higher productivity rate for larger jobs.


  • Prepares up to 538 ft² per hour
  • High level of operator comfort
  • Electrical drive system
  • Independent drive for each rear wheel


  • Ideal for storage tank interiors and roofs
  • Abrasive consumption < .04 lb/ft²
  • Modular assembly can pass through 24”
  • 35 HP motor