Wear Parts

Find all the wearable parts that you need for your Blastrac shotblasters here. Factory wheel kits and liners are available for your shot blasters. Wear parts for your shot blaster have factory warranties for quality. Find part numbers for your wear parts on documentation for your shot blaster available in our Media Library.

Shot blasting is one of the cleanest and fastest methods of mechanical abrasion. The recycling wheel blast technology found in most shot blasters works by throwing steel shot or grit at a high velocity onto the surface being cleaned. This is achieved through centrifugal force by a wheel with removable paddle type blades that revolve at a high speed. Abrasive impacts the surface and rebounds into a reclaim chamber where it is recycled.

To Speak to a Representative call 1-866-669-6643 or 905-624-7373 to discuss your particular shot blaster and for assistance in obtaining the correct parts for your needs.



  • Factory wheel kits
  • Brackets
  • Seals
  • Liners
  • Shaft assembly
  • Many more…