Blastrac 1-10DLP ride-on shot blaster


Production Capacity: 1,500 sq. ft./hr. 
Cleaning Path: 10” 
Travel Speed: 0-200 ft./min. 
Blast Motor: 25 h.p. 
Voltage: Liquid propane 
Dimensions (L x W x H): 78” x 34” x 57” 
Weight: 1,516 lb.

System: On board system reverse-pulse cartridge cleaning
CFM: 1,400
Cartidges: 6
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The new Blastrac® 1-10DLP features an enhanced trouble-free hydraulic drive system, offering better productivity when cleaning and preparing concrete or steel surfaces. The 1-10DLP shot blaster strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously and is ideal for ship decks, parking garages, industrial plant and warehouse floors, bridge and highway work, and airport runways−improving macro and micro texture. The 1-16DB4 produces sure profiles with excellent bonding characteristics that help reduce coating failures. The available blast-pattern adapter reduces the blast width for very effective line stripe removal.

The 1-10DLP will remove paint, rust, marine growth, and mill scale from steel.  Removes paint, pavement markings from asphalt, and prepares concrete for re-coating or application of overlays. Available blast-pattern adapter reduces the blast width for very effective line stripe removal.



  • Patented paddle wheel tecnology
  • Blast pattern accuracy and wide abrasive selection allows operator to achieve desired surface profile
  • NEW hydraulic drive system
  • Surface is left dry and free of chemicals, dust and contaminants
  • Drying time and costly disposal procedures are eliminated
  • Labor/time-saving shot blasting process strips, cleans and profiles the surface simultaneously
  • Easy access twin dust trays for efficient debris removal and disposal