Blasting Width: 13.2 in. (335mm)
Production Capacity: 570 sq. ft./hr.
Drum Diameter: 8.5 in. (216mm)
Drum Speed: 1000 rpm 
Engine: 15 hp Hatz Doese;
Drum Motor: 15 hp hydraulic  
Voltage: 460V, 3ø, 50/60Hz
Amperage: 32A
Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm) 
Dimensions: L 59 in. x W 24 in. x H 37.5 in.
(1498mm x 609mm x 952mm)
Weight: 895 lbs (406kg), excluding drum 

Blastrac BMP-335EHY Scarifier

The Blastrac® BMP-335EHY scarifier is a heavy-duty machine designed and manufactured for the most demanding of jobs. With variable speed, forward and reverse, this heavy-weight performer features separate, electric independent drive and drum motors. As a result, it can be maneuvered or driven without the scarifying drum engaged.

An easy-lift system lowers and raises the drum, and fine-height cutting adjustments are stayed in position with controls that are easily accessible to the operator. This unit is comfortable to use, easy to move and creates minimal vibrations.

Heavyweight for increased performance, it is ideal for marking removal on airports and roads; preparation of large surfaces: etching, cleaning, coating removal, grooving, descaling, derusting (ship decks, tanks).

  • Dust free when connected to the BDC-3140DBP
  • 2 independent motors: 2hp drive motor/15hp scarifying motor
  • New foot-pedal-equipped drive system
  • Self-propelled, no need to push it, even when going up inclines!
  • Adjustable braking device
  • Double, micrometric adjustment of the scarifying depth: no risk of underground deterioration, better precision
  • Several tooling options for diversified applications