Scarifying Accessories

Blastrac provides all the accessories needed for your scarifying projects including cutters and drums. Cutters and spacers wear out and need replacement.

Scarifiers use various shapes of steel or carbide tipped cutters, or solid tungsten milling cutters (depending on the application), that are loaded onto shafts placed around the perimeter of a cylindrical drum. As the drum rotates, the cutters impact the surface at a high speed, fracturing the coating and/or contaminants and abrading the concrete surface. Scarifiers are used to remove contaminants, adhesives, paint, and other coatings. They are also very useful for preparing problem areas on concrete slabs: over-troweled burned areas, high spots, curled expansion joints, excessive trowel marks, and weather damage, etc. They are efficiently used for transitioning uneven surfaces and trip hazards. The cutters and spacers can be configured on the drum shafts in a variety of ways for additional applications, including the cutting of safety grooves in concrete ramps, walkways and loading docks.

Blastrac has all the products you need to make your scarifying project successful. Contact our Sales Department to find the parts you need for your scarifier.

    Common mistakes when scarifying include:
  • Not inspecting the drum frequently
  • Using the wrong type of cutters
  • Setting the cutter depth incorrectly
  • Trying to remove too much material at once