Premium Turbo Cup Wheels

Premium Turbp Cup Wheels

Premium Cup Wheels

4.5” 9 Segment  Part Number: CG-445DT (shown)

4.5” 18 Segment  Part Number: CG-455DT

7” 12 Segment  Part Number: CG-725DT (shown)

7” 24 Segment  Part Number: CG-735DT (shown)

7” 14 T-Segment  Part Number: CG-7TSEG

7” 18 Segment Bi-Turbo  Part Number: CGF-7BTD



Blastrac’s Premium Turbo Cup Wheels are ideal for concrete cleaning, thin coating removal, and planing high spots in concrete finishes. Their turbo-style design minimizes swirl marks from the grinding process. The “T” segment cup wheel is perfect for edge work, and the Bi-Turbo Supreme cup wheel has larger grade industrial diamonds for very aggressive grinding. Blastrac’s high-quality cup wheels will make short work of your next project. 

To ensure that you have the right grinder and abrasive for the job, consider these important points: the type of coating or other contaminant that is being removed; the psi of the concrete surface, taking into account the age of the concrete and the geographic location of the job site; the size of the job in square feet; and the power sources

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Blastrac Turbo Cup Wheels:

  • premium quality for long life
  • designed to reduce swirl marks


  • aggressively remove thin coating material  
  • plane and smooth high spots