Grinding Width: 30 in. (762mm)
Tool Diameter: 9 in. (240mm)
Tooling Speed: 400-1200 RPM
Motor Speed: 580-1750 RPM
Motor: 23 hp max.  
Amperage: 32/63 A
Voltage: 230/480V, 3ø, 60 Hz
Power Cord: 50 ft.
Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm)Ø
Dimensions: L 83 in. (2108mm) x W 31 in. 
(788mm) x H 49 in. (1244mm)
Weight: 961 lbs (436kg)

Blastrac 1-15DSGI Shot Blaster


  • Three head planetary design                 
  • Separate drive system for main drum and
    planetary disks
  • Heavy-duty, industrial machine
  • Virtually dust free when connected to BDC-3140DBP/LLP dust collector
  • Variable speed control
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Ideal for large jobs such as malls airports, hotels, schools, hospitals, and food prep industries   
  • Pivot handle for comfortable use and ease of transport or storage