DiaMag Diamonds

DiaMags Red Green & Blue

DiaMag® diamonds are manufactured in soft-bond, medium-bond, and hard-bond in grits ranging from 18/20 to 120/150. Grit identification is simplified through a simple color coding. Soft-bond diamonds are Red, Medium-bond diamonds are Green and Hard-bond diamonds are Blue.

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DiaMag® plates are designed to fit popular floor polishing and grinding machines, and once they are attached, eliminate the need for any tools to change or
replace diamond tooling or polishing dots. Simple hand and finger leverage can remove the segments. This user friendly and time-saving system helps save unnecessary wear and tear on the diamonds from possible tool damage and allows
quick replacement in the field for near continuous operation. 

     Easy Steps for Success

  1. Select the appropriate DiaMag plate for your grinding machine.
  2. Choose the proper bond diamond for your floor grinding needs.
  3. Conventionally mount the DiaMag plates to your machine.
  4. Align the DiaMag diamonds to the pins on the plate, and the
    magnets will quickly grab the diamonds, and “click” into place.
  5. The operator is now ready to begin the grinding or polishing process.              
  6. For additional polishing steps, simply remove the diamonds by
    hand and attach the next series of diamonds.
  7. Save time with DiaMag Click & Grind to achieve your successful finish.