Product Registration

Please complete the form that came with your Blastrac/Diamatic equipment to register your product. To ensure proper warranty coverage, the entire form must be filled out completely and accurately. Be sure to reference the documentation provided by the Product Distributor when completing this form. Please contact us if you have any questions on completing this form or if you have other questions related to Blastrac/Diamatic or our products.

The warranty period will start on the delivery date of your Blastrac/Diamatic product entered on the form below. Registration of the machine will extend the warranty period from the recorded and verified delivery date. Failure to comply and promptly register the new machine will make any and all warranties on the equipment void after 6 months. Please review the Blastrac/Diamatic Standard Warranty and Shipping and Return policy.

To ensure that your owner's record is up to date at Blastrac/Diamatic, please take care to include any change of address or change of ownership in the lower portion of the form below.

Warning: If you are not the owner of record as shown on the manual's copy of the warranty registration page, do not operate the machine before contacting Blastrac/Diamatic at 866-923-5822.